Approaching to Success

KTdynamic strongly believes that a consistent, methodical approach is the most efficient path to success. Here's what you can expect to take place when you come to KTdynamic for your business solutions:

  • Step 1: Sit Down & Discuss
  • Step 2: Free No Obligation Proposal
  • Step 3: Service Agreement?
  • Step 4: Project Plan
  • Step 5: Design & Develop
  • Step 6: Final Approval & Launch

    Step 1: Sit Down & Discuss

    In the first step of our approach, our goal is to get to know you and your business. We like to sit down and chat casually about everything and please be advised that everything discussed is held confidentially between our team and yours. We want to know who your target markets are, who your competitors are (i.e. examples of their URLs are welcomed), how does your product/service offerings differentiate you from your competitors. So before meeting with us, it would be a good idea to think about your business process focus on what you're trying to accomplish with your web solution.

    At the same time, our team of experts will use their Internet knowledge and programming back-rounds to introduce you to several costs saving Internet Applications that potentially could be worked into your current business process, making your business operate more efficiently. We'll be able to show you how to streamline your supply chains, improve your current customer service level and add functionality to your web solution.


    Step 2: No Obligation Proposal

    After our casual meeting, the next step in our approach is to summarize our discussion in a free no obligation proposal that will be faxed or e-mailed to you within 24 hours of the meeting. What you will find in our proposals are several steps detailing the design and development of your web solution. We provide an analysis, suggested content and design layouts, a proposed schedule from start to launch, an optional maintenance plan, and finally a proposed cost for the entire project.


    Step 3: Service Agreement

    Once you've gone through and approved the proposal in the second step, our team will send you a written service agreement with exact details of the project. Outlined in this agreement you'll find specific starting, progress development and launch dates, payment requirement dates, further legal details of the agreement, and a space for your signature. Once we receive the signed agreement from you, we'll commence the design of your new web solution!


    Step 4: Project Plan

    In today's global economy, successful corporations require innovative Internet solutions. The implementation of these innovations requires an equally unique mix of skills. We assign the perfect mix of individuals to work with you from start to success.

    A technical project plan therefore provides direction and facilitates the communication and coordination of all team members. It defines the activities to be carried out during the project, states when the activities will be done, and defines what resources (including people) will be deployed to execute them.

    A properly designed project plan minimizes risk, inspires confidence, and provides a benchmark to determine the project's progress into the future. At KTdynamic, an experienced project manager and Internet architect work with you to develop a technical project plan that will meet all your budget and schedule requirements.

    Close monitoring, reviewing and adjusting ensures that the project is successful, on budget and on time. Always!


    Step 5: Design & Develop

    The first step in the Design process is to design and agree upon the general look-and-feel of your web solution. As a client, you will receive a Client ID and Password to enter our Client Service Centre where you'll be able to access such things as your work in progress, your market research statistics, and your mail if you're on the road, and much, much more...

    Once we've received the "go ahead" for the look-and-feel of your web solution (i.e. intro, front page, menu items, graphics, animation, etc...) we'll commence the design and development of the project.

    In this step, our project manager will remain in close contact with your team members to ensure that we're receiving all the appropriate feedback, content, and other pertinent information to ensure that your web solution is tightly integrated with your other marketing material and business processes.

    Again we will send you e-mail updates notifying you of the progress to date and to generally coordinate the entire project. Only once we've received your final approval will we proceed to launching your new web marketing solution!


    Step 6: Final Approval & Launch

    Your hand picked team will ensure that your launch is a successful and exciting one through close monitoring of all aspects of the launch including synchronizing it with other media campaigns you may choose to use to advertise its launch.

    KTdynamic also provides several unique marketing tools to help complement your launch and further impress your target markets.


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